What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is about exploring who you are and what you want, clarifying your values and goals, developing a strategy, and taking lots of action! The results of successful coaching typically are: clarification of your core values, discovery of your inner strengths, removal of obstacles to your success, and moving you to place of abundance. Through the coaching process of exploration, brainstorming, support, action, and accountability hundreds of people, just like you, have enriched their lives and begun living out their dreams.

If you are trying to decide if you might need a coach, I would advise you to ask yourself these 10 questions:

  1. Have I forgotten what it feels like to enjoy my life?
  2. Have I tried to change my bad habits only to revert back to the same behaviors?
  3. Am I dying to break free from my cubicle and start my own business but I’m not sure where to start?
  4. Are I  struggling to stay motivated in my current career?
  5. Am I happy with the direction that my life is going?
  6. Am I doing what makes me happy?
  7. Do I even know what makes me happy?
  8. Am I living my life to the best of my abilities?
  9. Do I want to continue in this dead end job?
  10. Am I truly happy in this relationship?

If you don’t like your answers to these questions then life coaching is something that you may want to invest in.  Here’s a list of some the things that I can help you with:

  • Discovering your true passions
  • Building a business around your passion
  • Creating abundance in your life
  • Dealing with negative relationships
  • Creating a balanced life
  • Setting boundaries
  • Conflict resolution
  • And much more
Here is what some of my clients have to say about my coaching:
“Dakim has provided an outstanding level of service to me. He’s easy to talk to and he’s supportive with any
issues or concerns we cover.”
M.Jenkins, New York
“Coach Dakim Duncan is an exceptionally perceptive, gifted and deeply caring professional coach. His capacity to hear what actually lies within my heart and soul, then help me to clearly hear, see and feel it, has been an awakening. Coach Dakim has helped me to clearly identify my soul purpose and direction quickly and with a deep sense of reverence.”
Ginger, Hawaii
“Dakim has truly helped me in my entrepreneurial pursuit!  He’s a great listener and knows when to ask the right questions that get me thinking in a new direction.  Because of our conversations, I have been able to determine the exact type of business I want to start.  This business is aligned with my passions and will hopefully lead to full time venture that will allow me to leave my corporate job of 15 years. Dakim is warm, insightful, and very funny! I highly recommend him.”
Nicole, New York
Are you ready to take your life to the next level and begin turning your dreams into reality? Let’s start TODAY! Call me @ (347)338-1145
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Dakim Duncan

Business Coach at Work Your Passion Coaching
Dakim Duncan, the owner of Work Your Passion Coaching, helps small business entrepreneurs in any stage of their business development. From corporate burnouts that are ready to leave cubicle life and start their own business to seasoned business owners that have grown their current business to certain point and now need help taking it to the next level. Dakim is on mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to step into their greatness and create extraordinary businesses.

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