Video: How to Avoid the 12 Goal Setting Mistakes Most People Make

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Dakim Duncan

Business Coach at Work Your Passion Coaching
Dakim Duncan, the owner of Work Your Passion Coaching, helps small business entrepreneurs in any stage of their business development. From corporate burnouts that are ready to leave cubicle life and start their own business to seasoned business owners that have grown their current business to certain point and now need help taking it to the next level. Dakim is on mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to step into their greatness and create extraordinary businesses.

10 Comments on “Video: How to Avoid the 12 Goal Setting Mistakes Most People Make

  1. Wonderful video! It has three items that I had not taken into consideration when setting goals.
    Using these will certainly help me to reach my Big and Audacious Goal:Making the difference in the lives of millions of people globally through my self-help books, E-books,CD’s,DVD’s, and other media so that they can discover ,develope,and use their unique talents and gifts to serve others and glorify God while doing so.

  2. Actually, I think I got two books mixed up together in my mind. This one by RHJ and another by an author unremembered by me titled YOU CAN. (I’ve googled it with no luck.) “It Works” is one of a small group of books that I stumbled across in my eary twenties, which began with me reading The Art of Selfishness by David Seabury — and I can say this did change me, so I have to assume it changed my life — lol! I believe it worked then and is still working for me.

  3. it;s still in circulation … I have not not seen that cover…but I finbd it excellent for reminding me of what it is I want. It is also so reassuringly simple. Everyone should read it…. did it work for you ?

  4. wow — is that little book still in circulation? Reading it changed my whole way of thinking about myself! Does it still have a big print “YOU CAN” on the cover? I laminated that coverpage and have had it stuck to my frig for over 40 years!

  5. I have heard that we should keep our goals toourselves ? A tip here is to share our goals with others. In R H Jarrets ‘It Works’ little books he stresses keeping what we want secret…your advice contradicts this.

  6. my ultimate goal in life is
    pleasing allah (our god)
    by doing what he told us to do and
    dont do what he told us to dont do
    so then maybe he will accept my acts
    and let me Enter the Heaven

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