The Easy Way to Find Your Life Purpose

You don’t have to travel to Tibet to discover your life purpose. In fact, your life purpose is right near the surface of your life just waiting to be expressed. To find your life purpose, you just have to know what questions to ask. Excercise Tips: If you get a hot button but you’re not sure what the opposite of it is, ask yourself “why?” or “what is it about this issue that triggers me?” For example, if you wrote “traffic jams” as a hot button it’s likely that its direct opposite “traffic flow” isn’t actually what you’re really after. In this case, ask yourself “why do traffic jams bother me really?” You might get an answer like “feeling stuck” or “waste of time.” To complete the excercise and find your life purpose, take the opposite of “feeling stuck” such as “flowing” or the opposite of “waste of time” such as “efficiency” and that should help point you towards your life purpose.

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Dakim Duncan

Business Coach at Work Your Passion Coaching
Dakim Duncan, the owner of Work Your Passion Coaching, helps small business entrepreneurs in any stage of their business development. From corporate burnouts that are ready to leave cubicle life and start their own business to seasoned business owners that have grown their current business to certain point and now need help taking it to the next level. Dakim is on mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to step into their greatness and create extraordinary businesses.

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