Short Inspirational Quotes To Make Your Day Better

It is amazing how much of an affect short inspirational quotes have upon people, for some it is quotes with humor, others may like spiritual, or more meaningful quotes. The same quote may mean entirely different thing to one person than it does to another, just like the taste of an orange.

One thing that is certain, when a person comes across a short quote that means something to them, it can be like an epiphany or a “eureka” moment, and it will stay with them as long as they live. Perhaps even become their mantra; in other words, whether funny or serious it inspires and is meaningful. Quotes will do this for you.

I have one of the most unlikely people as my inspirational quoter, Albert Einstein! Most people believed that he was a famous physicist and this would be true, but he was also a brilliant man and some of his quotes are perlers. My personal favorite is:

Not everything that can be counted, counts, and not everything that counts, can be counted.

Life’s ups and downs are something that every person on this planet has to endure, you can take them seriously and be miserable, or have a sense of humor, laugh at yourself more often and be happy. Short humorous quotes will help, you can send them to friend, or send them to yourself daily to remind you not to take life so seriously and I believe this is great inspiration.

There are so many quotes on life, How about:

I must have found the secret of life – just hang around till you get used to it – Charles Schulz.

Things certainly don’t look so bad when you see it from a humorous perspective, unless of course you are Woody Allen!¬†You have got to love people like Robin Williams, most classic quotes come from none other than Homer Simpson. So in parting, one day when to calm Lisa’ fear of vampires, he imparted this piece of wisdom –

Lisa, vampires are make believe, like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos.

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