Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life – Discover or Reconnect With What You are Meant to Do and Be!

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed with day to day life? Do you feel like you’re at odds with the world, struggling against the current of life? While you may feel like you’re struggling against life, this is not the problem.

If you answered yes to any one or both of those questions, chances are, it’s because you’re not in alignment with your passions. What is missing is not know what you want out of life, not know what your passion and purpose in life is. What you need is to find your passion and purpose in life. Once you know what your purpose in life is, you can once again find your passion for life and enjoy the stream of life.

Those who are aligned with their passion or purpose in life don’t feel empty inside or seem to struggle with the day to day challenges. You can often recognize them as happy-go, a genuine smile, walking around with a spring in their step. Things seem to just happen for them and to them. It’s almost as if it all seems too easy for them.

When you’re in alignment with your passion in life, the whole world tends to flow. Doors open mysteriously. People seem to appear on your path who can help you get you what you want. You often seem to be in the right place at the right time. Life just seems to flow. This is the core beliefs of the recent movie The Secret, and going further back, the venerable book by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. The core belief for both The Secret and Think and Grow Rich is that success resides in identifying or finding your passion and purpose in life. Once we are in alignment, then we are open to life’s possibilities and opportunities.

The more you are in aligned with your life purpose the less that life seems to be a struggle in other areas as well. The great thing is that once you’ve identified your purpose and passions in life, you can then use the same process to help you with determining the right career for you. Financial troubles also seem to disappear as you clarify your? Where you once felt alone on your path of life, now love finds you. You make new, powerful friendships because you are now glowing with purpose and direction. You’ll feel reconnected with your life partner and family as you reaffirm your connection and purpose with your relationships.

The great thing is that it is easy to find your purpose in life and reconnect with your life passions. Maybe you’re just wondering if you’re already in alignment with your passion and purpose. You could easily reconnect yourself with your life purpose and passions in life. In less than 10 minutes, you can identify or confirm what you are meant to do. There are simple, easy-to-use steps to help you uncover what your passions are and what your purpose in life is:

1) Clarity of Purpose: it’s understanding why you are doing the things you do. As Nietzsche says: “He who has a why, has a how.” What motivates you? This is the self motivating part of the overall plan. If, for example, your career seems stagnant it could be that you’ve never clearly defined your career objectives. If you have lost your enthusiasm for your job, family, or spiritually, it’s because you have disconnected with the “why”. Reconnect or find out, once and for all, what your purpose and direction is for your career, family, finance, etc… Stop wandering through the dark!

2) Mission statement. This is the first physical act of yourself motivating plan, acting as a bridge between your purpose (career, family, etc…) and achieving your goals. There is enormous power that is unleashed when you write down your personal mission statement. It opens the power of the subconscious mind to seek out and collect the necessary resources to fulfill your goals as determined by your purpose.

3) Goal setting forms are a must-have if you want to set and track your progress. While John F. Kennedy had the vision of sending a man to the moon, those who acted on that vision, outlined the steps –milestones (interim goals) – needed to achieve the feat. They calculated every step and hit those milestones before achieving the ultimate target.

4) Self Motivating techniques. These are the internal abilities that have laid dormant over the years. Success is the culmination of the simple yet often overlooked elements of success: purpose, determination, commitment, attitude, self confidence, etc…These words may seem aloof and distant, but they only appear that way when you don’t have the first three parts of your plan. Your innate self motivating techniques are like seeds in the ground laying dormant ready to germinate once the three other component of your plan are enabled.

Even if you think you know what your passions are, you may just be surprised to see that you’ve been off track! Results from this process let you know whether or not you’re in harmony with your passions and life purpose. Many people spend all their time on things not even distantly related to their passions. No wonder they’re struggling and things aren’t flowing smoothly on their river of life.

With one simple step today, you can be on the road or get back on to it, to what you are meant to do and what you truly want out of life. You can easily reconnect with your desires and realign yourself with your passions and purpose in life. Take control of your life- it’s your life which awaits you.

Keith Raymond is a Business Mentor, Life Coach and author of The Elements of Success. You can learn more about how to recharge your life by finding your purpose and passion in life. Please visit for more information about these empowering techniques and strategies on how to find your purpose and passion in life.

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Dakim Duncan, the owner of Work Your Passion Coaching, helps small business entrepreneurs in any stage of their business development. From corporate burnouts that are ready to leave cubicle life and start their own business to seasoned business owners that have grown their current business to certain point and now need help taking it to the next level. Dakim is on mission to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to step into their greatness and create extraordinary businesses.

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