Work Your Passion Podcast Epiosde 001: Real Estate Investor Nasar El-arabi

Nasar El-arabi

Welcome to the first post about my new podcast, The Work Your Passion Podcast. This podcast is something that I've dreamed of doing for awhile and now it's a reality.

Each week I will interview different small business entrepreneurs that have made the decision to follow their passions and build a business around those passions. During our conversations these entrepreneurs will share how they face challenges, overcame fears, and motivated themselves to take action. It's my hope that these podcasts will help anyone that is considering starting a business to finally take a step towards making their dreams a reality.

To further help I will post a blog post like this one that will contain valuable additional information and links to resources that can help you. My goal, as always, is to help as many people as I can to break free of mediocrity and move into their own greatness.


Nasar EL-arabi is a New Jersey native that relocated to Charlotte in 2008 with a dream to become a real estate Investor. After 4 years of working in a corporate call center he was fired and decided that he had enough.  He was tired of dealing with the corporate politics and the negativity of his co-workers, so instead of looking for another job he went out and started flipping houses with no money or credit. Fast forward to today, Nasar is now rehabbing houses, acquiring rentals and wholesaling…all while earning more in a couple of months than he did in an entire year of working on his corporate job. Since starting his own real estate investing business Nasar has been interviewed on many national podcasts, is in the process of writing a book, and aiming to enter the world of television.


==> How Nasar went from making just $12.50 an hour to working full time as a real estate investor making over $20,000 a month
==> Why he advises against getting a second job to earn more money
==> His true motivation for starting his own business. Hint: it's not just the money
==> The importance of having a mentor
==> The lesson he learned from losing $7,000 on his very first real estate project
==> The one thing that drove him to make the necessary changes in his life.
==> The meaning of F.O.C.U.S.


There are a number of ways to start a business, here's how Nasar did it:

==> He got a degree from college
==> He never gave up even after losing money on his first deal
==> He relocated to someplace he thought he would have better opportunities
==> He volunteered at his local real estate organization to be around like minded people
==> He found a mentor and followed his advice
==> He took action even with no money and little experience


Here's a list of resources Nasar mentioned during his interview:
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
(Disclousure: There may be affiliate links in this section which means I may recieve a small commission if you purchase a product from this section)


Real Estate DoruYouTube channel


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A special thank you to Nasar for joining me.  Until next time!

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