Are You Having Trouble Defining Your Life’s Purpose?

Have you ever thought why finding “what is my life purpose is a daunting question” altogether?  Perhaps, yes to most of us. The reason is very obvious and simple, because we don’t even bother about its imperativeness. Its complexity and sensitivity is entirely a different issue, we are not at all bothered about its existence! Most of us don’t think that there is any need to find a purpose in life! It’s all because of the lack of awareness and shifting of priorities towards our basic amenities.

Lack of Awareness and Lack of Basic Needs

Most downtrodden people are only concerned about their survival and they aren’t concerned about their life purpose. People who aren’t as educated also fall into this category as they aren’t aware of such facts. They are literally concerned about their livelihood and survival. And as they are more in population all over the world so there are a very limited number of people who are really serious about finding their life purpose.  Unless we are free from the burning desire to fulfill our basic needs, we will not be in position to think of anything else. There is hardly any difference between an animal and a man when it comes to survival and existence. They both fight for it. Not that there is anything wrong with it, as it’s all natural…that is basic nature’s need. For most people finding the meaning of life purpose seems a tricky task unless they aren’t contented and educated.  However, this shouldn’t always be the case, as there were (and still are) people who were born in poor families but instead of fighting for any materialistic things they preferred to find their true life purpose. But in a majority of cases for most people talking about life purpose is meaningless unless their basic needs aren’t met.

Education and Awareness is Needed

We need to educate the public at large to use their wisdom, listen to their inner voice, and find their purpose of life. But when they are empty stomach and short of resources, could they even be aware of it or think of it? My belief would be that they simply wouldn’t be able to. We need to make them aware of their purpose of life by educating them and providing right direction to fulfill their needs. This in turn is going to benefit the individual and the society both in the long run. Education and awareness are two pillars on which we can build the foundation of a new era and a better society where each individual will contribute his/her efforts to make this world a better place to live in. Lack of such amenities cannot bear any results but frustrations.

How to Find Life Purpose

Even after reaching that stage of abundance of basic needs, finding life purpose is still not that easy as it may seem to be. That’s because most of the time we aren’t aware of its co-relation with our faculties and traits. Though we are bestowed with abundance of strength, energy, passion and enthusiasm but we only use a very small portion of it throughout our entire life. We are simply not aware of our inner strengths. We never think about our weaknesses either. If we could develop all those hidden energies and strengths within us we could do any miracle and conquer our short comings. This will make us stronger and it will become easier to find our purpose of life. We need to develop that passion, strength and determination to channelize these resources in finding our true life purpose.

Though it is not that easy to find a purpose driven life, indeed, finding life purpose can become easier to find by generating our inner strength in line with our passion and likings. Hence, we can say finding what is my life purpose is a daunting question for only those who never try, and those who try it will no longer be a daunting question but ‘a walk in the park’ of life, so to speak…

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