Dakim Duncan- Marketing Consultant, Business Coach, Entrepreneur

Dakim has been responsible for developing sales and marketing strategies that have generated rapid, double-digit financial growth and success for his clients. Throughout his career, he has worked with companies like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. His experience includes developing marketing strategy plans, product roadmaps, and go-to-market plans that have helped companies effectively launch, market, and grow new products.

Excelsior Marketing Group was founded to help the business owner who is feeling anguish and frustration because their current marketing strategies aren't getting results, or they've been working really hard to bring their business to the next level of success, but can't seem to find the path to get there.

Client Testimonials

"I've used Dakim's services a few times and he always over delivers. The man knows what he's doing and he's earned the best recommendation I can give. Use him. Seriously."
Peter, Smith Staffing Company


"I worked with Dakim on more than one occasion; his coaching has been invaluable to me. He helped me define my goals and provided me with tools to create a roadmap for my business. When I work with Dakim it gives me a chance to sort through my ideas and give me a clear vision of my next steps, which I need being a solo-prenuer. His attention to the details of my business shows me that he is a professional who truly cares about the success of others."

Nicole, Sales manager and Entrepreneur, New York NY

"Dakim very helpful to my business. He provided a marketing strategy plan that was the perfect fit for my business!"
-Ali, Entrepreneur

"My associates and I have utilized Dakim Duncan's service with great success. I've also had the opportunity to sit in a meeting as Dakim addressed an audience and shared his knowledge and experience. My associates and I credit him for taking our businesses in a new and exciting direction in the short period of time working with him. Dakim's passion for the success of the people he works with shows by how involved and hands-on he is with your business problems and concerns. He truly cares and through he guided direction we've discovered that he definitely knows what he's talking about."

Donna, Real Estate Investor, Yonkers, NY


"Dakim is definitely passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is able to be objective and assess exactly where improvements should be made. His services have been helping me a great deal."

Eartha Watts Hicks, Author, New York

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