5 Ways to Make Money From Your Passion For Jewelry

If you are fortunate enough to be one of those artsy crafty creative type people and happen to have a passion for jewelry then have a great opportunity to turn that passion into profit. The potential market for jewelry is huge! Stop for second and think, do you know anyone that doesn't own a single piece of jewelry? If you do I'm willing to bet that it's not many. Another great thing about size of the jewelry market is the abundance of niche markets. Custom jewelry, antique jewelry, handmade, gold, silver, watches, rings, necklaces, etc. You understand point. The market is huge and the potential for you to zero in whatever type of jewelry that you are passionate about is equally huge. Here are 5 ways to make money from your passion for jewelry:

1)EBAY/Online Store

Millions of people turn to Ebay to find jewelry so Ebay is naturally a great option for making money from jewelry. Ebay isn't the only game in town but they are the biggest. You should also look into Esty.com.  Setting up a store on either site can be a bit involved but there are numerous guides and additional resources to help you get started.

2) Make Your Own

If you have a designer's eye and the skills to put pieces together (or the willingness to learn) then creating your jewelry line can be the perfect vehicle for this passion. You will complete control over what you create. Also you can bring something completely unique to the market. You can wholesale your designs to retail stores or you can sell direct to customers via several outlets including your own e-commerce website or your own shop. This video shows how easy it can be to set up store on Esty.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhEud_NhlHY&feature=related


3) Host a Jewelry Party

If you have ever been to a Tupperware party, a cosmetics party (usually Mary-Kay or Avon), or even a passion party then you realize the selling potential of these type of events. Why not apply this jewelry. In fact many have and they're having success doing it. I have a good friend who's wife is currently going to school full time. Once a month she hosts a party for her friends and has jewelry for sell on display. And when I say "party" it's really more like "Girls Night In"!  They order food or have a pot luck, make massive amounts of margaritas, and have great time. My friend's wife gets commission for the pieces she sells that night and is making a decent part time income. I recent encouraged her to expand her parties beyond her friends.


4) Flipping Jewelry

They do it in real estate. It's done in stocks and bonds. It can be done with jewelry as well. Buy low and sell high is the basic formula for making profit on just about any product. There is a niche industry of people that shop for jewelry that is discounted or undervalued for the sole purchase of selling these pieces at a huge profit. If you're going to pursuit this niche then there are couple of caveats to be aware of here. First, antique jewelry is probably where you want to focus your attention. Antiques are big business in any product line. Second, to avoid scams and fraud you should have a certain level of knowledge of antique jewelry.


5) Servicing Jewelry

Maybe you don't have the skill or desire to create jewelry. And maybe you aren't comfort being a salesman. You can still make money working with jewelry. With millions of people who are jewelry owners there is a huge market for people that can care for jewelry. Cleaning and repairs are the biggest potential services you can offer. Even though many established jewelry stores offer these services there is trend towards more personalized services. If you are willing to say travel to your clients and thereby saving them time you can possibly get their business.


Now, It's Up to You

Are these the only ways to make money from a passion for jewelry? No. Are there many other of ways? Absolutely! This is just a starter list, something to get you thinking. Jewelry is huge business. Up to 2 million people shop for jewelry online everyday. If you have the passion for jewelry, the skill to turn that passion into a marketable product, and the willingness to take action to turn that passion into profit then you can get a piece of that market for yourself.  

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Dakim Duncan

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