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If cooking is your passion then you are in luck because cooking is one of the easiest ways to make money.  Putting aside the millions of physical eating establishments in the world, there are still thousands of ways to use cooking/food as a means to increasing your bottom line.  Take the life of celebrity chef Paula Deen, She started her cooking empire with a catering business run out of her home (which she never left because she suffered from agoraphobia and panic attacks. Her sons actually made all of her deliveries). So if a single mother suffering from crippling phobias and panic attacks can figure out a way to make money off of her passion for cooking, then so can you!

Here are 5 ways you can money from your passion for cooking:

1) Personal Chef

A personal chef is a chef who prepares meals for a client in the client’s home kitchen, based on the client’s needs and personal preferences. In most cases these meals are left packaged in containers and refrigerated or frozen for the client to enjoy later.

Sounds simple enough right?  Well I’m sure that personal chefs will tell you that there’s a lot more to it but being personal chef is becoming increasingly more popular in the culinary world.  So much so that many culinary arts schools are beginning to offer courses on how to become a personal chef. Here’s a day in the life of one personal chef:


2) Food Blogger

Do a Google search for the term ‘food blog’ and you get over 3 billion hits. That’s a huge number and it speaks to the potential market that’s out there if your passion is food but you’re also good with a computer.  And being “good with a computer” is a loose term.  You can get a WordPress blog up on Internet in under an hour. Check out these two food bloggers and how they married the passion for food with World Wide Web:


3) Cooking Classes


Can you make the complex understandable? Can you create an environment where learning is fun and enjoyable? In other words, can you help the poor lady in the above video? Then why not teach people to cook the way you do. People are always willing to pay to learn new skills or improve on skills they already have.  You can instruct people one on one or in small groups. If you have the room you can hold classes in your kitchen or travel to your client’s location. You can cover the basics, preparing specialty dishes (baked goods, signatures dishes, etc), or teach them to prepare a wide range of dishes.  The possibilities are endless.

Here’s how one chef is conducting cooking classes online:

4) Cook Book

Go to any bookstore and you will find hundreds of cookbooks.  Why not get in on the action? If you have binders and notebooks full of your unique recipes or if you have knack for taking someone’s recipe and jazzing it up with your own special touch why not create your own cookbook? You can try to go the traditional publishing route with a publishing company. You could self publish a book and cut out the middleman. Or you could go the new media route and create an ebook for web delivery. Or just do all the above and throw in an iPhone/iPad app as a bonus.



5) Gift Baskets

So what if you’re not a great or exceptional cook but you still love food? If you’re a foodie with a creative eye and like doing artsy crafty type projects then custom gourmet gift baskets are a great niche in the food business. I know a young lady that makes gift baskets only around the holidays.  She makes enough money to cover her holiday shopping bills. There’s no reason you couldn’t make this a year round venture.  You can provide gift baskets for every major holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, retirements, and so on.

Here’s an idea of the types of baskets you could make and sell:


So there you have it. Five businesses that anyone that is passionate about food can start.  And you may have noticed that with exception of the personal chef all of these businesses can be started and run from the comfort of your own home. Of course, each of these businesses must be treated as businesses if you want to have any type success. That means you do all of your due diligence and take all the necessary steps to start a business the right way.  In doing so you will increase your chances that you will be able to work your passion for food into a viable and sustainable business for yourself.


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