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Are Your Beliefs Blocking Your Attempts to Start a Business?

The problem for most people is that they are not aware of their beliefs and how these beliefs affect their behavior. The things that you believe about yourself and your capabilities influence your actions which leads directly to the results you see in your life.



21 Steps You Need to Take to Become Successful

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone knows how to be successful. This list is a roadmap to success. Incorporate these suggestions into your daily routine, commit to them fully and you will see that success is within your power. It always has been. You have the power to change the course of your life and become successful beyond your imagination.


the number 20

20 Lessons You Need to Learn If You Want To Control Your Own Destiny

I’m going to show you that you have the capabilities to gain control of your life and change your destiny. These are the 20 lessons I’ve learn from my own journey of self discovery as well as working with clients and studying the words of great thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, and Zig Ziglar to name a few.


avoid common business mistakes

10 Mistakes That Will KILL Your New Business

Successful business start-ups do two things really well they avoiding the common mistakes most others made when starting out and if they did make any of these common mistakes they were able to learn from them and quickly apply that knowledge to make their situations better.


Can I Still Be Successful If I Don’t Know What I’m Passionate About?

This should be the easiest question in the world to answer, “What is it that you would rather spend the rest of your life doing?” For many people, however this is a very difficult one to answer. It’s amazing the number of people that go through their lives without ever figuring this out.